Romance Story: Always Be Mine

Okay NThe right one will always find you

I’m quite sure my grandmother must have had a bit too much to drink when she brought you petty thing into this house. So annoying.

Adams kept on ranting, mumbling, and shuffling his feet around the house. I bit my cheeks and held my amusement. This was someone who was supposed to be an adult or, at least, act like one. Anytime I apologized, he would rant more. So I decided to let it be. He was hell-bent on pissing me off and making me leave. But I wasn’t going to have any of that. The money I’m to get from tolerating him was worth it.  Today was officially my first day at work, and I was already called incompetent and not fit for the job because I took a nap before making dinner.

“I was tired, and I slept off while resting. You can’t blame me for that. Besides, it wasn’t like I made dinner later than the normal time.”

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“Tired? Did you say tired?”
I looked at him fully in the face. “I’m sure you heard me the first time, but I’ll repeat it. Yes, I was tired and stressed out.” He fumed and chuckled lowly.

“Seriously?” He asked. This time I was convinced he was struggling with a hearing problem. Then he huffed. “We’re not on good terms, not even close terms, so you can’t talk to me that way?”

At this moment, I was tired on his behalf. I couldn’t imagine how someone could have so much pent-up anger in them. I opened the dishwasher and began pilling the dirty plates in it.

“Wow, you’ve really got some nerves to ignore me. Well, I don’t expect much from someone from the filth. I mean, what kind of parents would let their child work in a stranger’s home?”

That was it. I could take whatever he threw at me but not my parents. I didn’t know when my palm connected with his cheeks. Not once but twice.

I couldn’t tell who was more shocked, Adam or me? He held his face, and his mouth hung lowly. I waited for Adam to say something, anything at all, but he just stood mute, staring widely at me.

“I’m…s…sorry.” I sputtered.

His anger had seemed to dissipate, but he face also showed no signs of emotions. “You know what?” Then he raised two fingers and shook his head. “Nevermind. Do whatever you want to. Then he walked off.

I hardly got angry or upset, but Adam had a way of frustrating and pushing all my red buttons. To think that we had only met a few hours ago and there’s so much hostility between us.

Ouch! My palm stung. A part of me wished I had controlled myself. But then I thought, maybe he needed that.

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