Romance Story: Always Be Mine

”This is funny.” Adams snickered. “I can’t believe there’s a plus one dumb person here. Is your friend mute?” He asked, amused.

I felt the urge to facepalm myself before pulling at Mo’s hair..”cut it out, Mo.”

“Ouch…Ella, that hurts”

Looking at her, I nodded toward Adams, and that was when she realized he was standing right at her front. Feeling mortified, she smiled awkwardly and waved.

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“hi.” He sneered at her. Since Adams would always be Adams, he shook his head and walked away.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe I just made myself look like an idiot. Why didn’t you prod me earlier?” She palmed her face. “What would he think of me now?” She mumbled.

“Well, you just allowed him to call us both dummies. So get over it, will you?”

“It’s your fault. You should have given enough details that he wasn’t just hot, but super duper hot,” Mo whined.

“Oh goodness, get a grip on yourself, baby girl. What do you expect me to do? Sneak into his room and watch him undress every day?”

With a mischievous look on her face, she replied, “That wouldn’t be a bad idea, you know.”

I laughed, really loud.

“I think have had enough of your mischief. Mo, let’s get to the kitchen and make us something nice.”

“Wow, I thought you would never ask.  I can devour an entire chicken right now, seeing that I lost most of my saliva drooling over that…that…ugh.”

“You are hopeless, I swear. Are you coming or not?

She faked a bow, “As your lordship pleases.”

Chuckling, I elbowed her.

Mo left after three hours of making my life a living hell.

I went to the garden with my books and laptop to have some alone time.  I had to work on a project that was almost due. And I had to form notes for the courses I was taking for the semester.

Wearing just shorts and a tank top, I placed my books and laptops on one of the white benches shaded by a mahogany tree. It was pretty sunny, so I packed my hair in a tight knot and splayed across the grass on my blanket.

I also brought along a glass of red wine with some cracker biscuits. Hmmm, a mini picnic only without my family, I thought. Then it occurred to me that I’d no called home in a while. I called my father, and he miraculously picked on the second ring. Most often, he picked on either the third or fourth ring. And he was with my mother.

“Good evening dad, how are you and mum. In fact, how is everyone”?

Dad sighed like he had been waiting to hear from me forever. “We are all fine, my child. I hope you are fine as well? I’m so sorry for not reaching out to you. It has been tough here.”

“I know, dad, you don’t need to fuss over my needs anymore. I have a job now and have also been paid upfront to settle all of my bills. Besides, I also live where I work, so there is no need to worry about my accommodation.” I said excitedly. I couldn’t contain the happiness and relief I felt simultaneously. I must have done something good for the stars to favor me this much.

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Dad was thrilled, and his tone changed. “Oh my God, Ella, that’s great news. I’m so happy and proud of you, my dear.” Then, he lowered his voice, and I could hear the hurt in it. “Ella, my dear, I’m so sorry for making you go through all this. I wish I did better. I wish I can provide you with everything you need. Please bear with me. I hope they are…I mean, hope they are nice to you.”

“It’s fine, dad. They are good people, and I’m settling in quite well. You don’t have to worry about me and also send kisses to mum for me. Please don’t make her worry about me. I love you all.” The line went dead, and I immediately wiped furiously at the tear that threatened to drop. I was in a better place now—enough of the tears.

Looking up, I saw Adam staring intensely at me. I huffed and returned to my books.

” Do you need something?”

He glared at me like I had grown two heads.

” No, I don’t. You’re in my favorite spot.”

I snickered; typical of him, I wasn’t so surprised. Every part of the garden looked just the same. “Alright. I’ll move.”

“What’s the use? Your presence has changed the mood. You can have it.”

I scoffed.

“Nice outfit, by the way. But it could be better.” Adam smirked and left.

Oh my goodness. How can someone make a compliment and still sound distasteful? Ugh! I was starting to think he was bipolar. Why was I smiling? I shrugged off whatever mushy feeling I felt. I had things to do, and thinking about Adam wasn’t helping.


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