Romance Story: Always Be Mine

‍You always gain by giving love

Attending a school where academic excellence was their top priority wasn’t any fun sincerely. For one I detested Dr. Lawson’s classes. It was a 7 am class which only made my day worse than it could ever be. His classes were a little bit of lecturing, students hollering, taunting him, and him cussing them out. In all honesty, it was tiring.

To cap it all was a two-hour class. Few minutes before his period was almost over my department class rep told us to stay behind for an important discussion. Not again. I sighed.

After wasting for the longest 40minutes of my life listening to what Adewale had to say which was clearly of no importance. I grabbed my bag and headed towards my hostel. I stayed off-campus which was a great advantage to me. I couldn’t imagine staying crammed in the school hostel. Not to mention the atmosphere off-campus was way better. 

I thought I was stressed out but Mo’s demeanor was far worse. Her forehead was creased and she walked around the room like she had the world’s problem on her shoulders. I had to admit she looked funny. I decided not to engage her in a conversation as I was in no mood for any drama. Not today. It could be any other day but not today.

The clock on the wall said past 4. I worked part-time at Tasty grills pastry shop. As you would have it, Mo and I were from what you would refer to as a low middle-class family. If at all there was anything like that. But oh well, let’s just say we were barely surviving or living the soft life.

Both our school and accommodation fees were paid for by our parents. See, not rich but not poor too. We only decided to assist by working part-time side hustles to cover up some of our everyday needs. 

I took shifts at Tasty grills  as a shop attendant. While Mo sources for modeling gigs. She also doubled as a hairstylist. The money we earned from both jobs thankfully kept us afloat.

Just as I thought today was going to end well. What I had been dreading since I started working here happened. The sales account had a discrepancy. Who could have done this? How did the money go out and wasn’t accounted for? The fact that I was in charge of the account for the day made it only worse. 

I didn’t have money to cover it up. Even my savings wouldn’t be enough. Payday was drawing near, and I knew it would be deducted from it. Not like the money was ever enough to start with.

With the little fiber left in me, I walked all the way home.  I just wanted to sulk and pretend today never happened.

It was a weekend and I was in no mood for anything. The money misplaced last night was a huge blow on me but Mo won’t hear of it. She kept on ranting and asking how. Even I didn’t know how it happened.



“What are you up to?” She deadpanned ignoring my sour mood.

“No good” I replied.

“You are hopeless” she muttered.

I couldn’t help but laugh she knew how to brighten my mood. I went into the bathroom and I  heard a knock on the door.

“Mo, who’s there?” I asked stepping out.

We both stared at each other wondering who it could be. We rarely had visitors and since we had very few friends having visitors was quite unusual for both of us.

I  cautiously walked to the door trying not to trip on my feet. I opened the door and it was the landlord. His face didn’t look like he had something good to say.

“Would you quit staring at me and greet me or you intend to take a picture” He barked.

“I’m sorry sir www…what did you say”.

I was rooted to the spot like an idiot. I thought of many things I could have done after seeing him. Moved aside for him to come in. Moved out of the room to talk to him properly or just said “Good morning”. I was a mess probably because I knew why he was here. He shook his head and looked over my shoulders at Mo. 

Mo had never liked him since the first day we moved in. So of course, I doubted she would come to my aid at this time. She only murmured a greeting and turned towards her books.

” Well, I’m here to tell you, people, that the house rent has been increased and since you haven’t paid for this year’s rent you are, to begin with, the new payment I hope that’s clear”. He said grumpily.

“Eiiiii!” I exclaimed.

My jaw must have dropped and been ajar for quite some time because the next thing I noticed was Mo closing my mouth with her fist.

 “Now that’s not fair, the least you could have done was tap me”.

She looked at me like I had grown two heads.

“You were practically in wonderland.” She replied clearly exhausted like I was.

“Where’s this man?” I said peering into the corridor.

“Gone as you can see” She shrugged.

At that moment reality hit me that we were in for another rent since it had been increased.

I felt quite bad for my parents as they had a lot on their table coupled with expenses of my coming project now an increase in house rent.

As if reading my thoughts Mo patted my back comforting me. I sighed. Adulthood was a big scam.



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