Romance Story: Always Be Mine

Love knows no bounds

“You don’t mean to say dad lost his job!” I exclaimed breathlessly… “are you playing with me right now?”

Dad’s salary was never enough from the beginning. But it was better than nothing. Now there wasn’t even anything at all.

“Do you think I am in the mood for such?” My younger sister Imisioluwa responded over the phone sounding frustrated.

I had called home to update them on my house rent. But I couldn’t get through to either of my parents so I called my sister only to hear much dreadful news of dad losing his job.

I was shattered. I could see my whole world spinning right in front of me.

“Ella, are you still there?” She asked.

I whispered, “Sure I am”.

“Please you don’t have to be down. I’m sure things would get better soon enough.” She cajoled

I felt it was all a lie that she just wanted to make me feel better at the moment. Nothing was going to be fine. I thought of how bad things would become from now. 

I had to hang up. I couldn’t take it anymore. I fell to my knees and tears rolled down my eyes.

I wondered aloud “Where do I start from?” There was no one to run to. No close relative to help out. Nothing at all. 

I was still on my knees when I heard my phone ring. it was my dad.

“Dad” I croaked. Even my voice sounded foreign to me.

“Ella my dear, how are you?” He asked as if he already knew the answer but wanted to be sure.

” I could be better dad.” I sniffed. Looking down at my teardrops on the floor.

“Don’t worry my dear I would make sure to provide for your needs in any way I can. You don’t have to worry too much we would get a loan to see you through school. That’s a promise.” Dad sounded broken. I had never heard him sound so vulnerable.

I could hear mum consoling him from the background.

Hearing that my parents wanted to get a loan made my heart hurt. And because I was the reason even made it worse.

We have nothing to use as collateral how do they intend to get a loan then? I thought. It was all tiring.

I wiped my tears as an idea struck me. I was too determined to let a minor issue be the end of me and ruin my chances of having a better future.

There had to be a  solution. I was sure, and the only person who had just the solution to my problem was my mentor, Dr. Benson.

Dr. Patricia Benson was one of the best lecturers in the department of political science. I got lucky to be assigned as her mentee.

She had proven to be a great pillar of support especially when I had issues with my results in my second year. The most peculiar act of hers was helping students from financially unstable homes get jobs to keep them in school.

Coming to the resolution with my thoughts. I immediately texted Dr. Benson. She replied I to meet with her at her office by 3 pm the next day.

Humming to one of my favorite songs. I waited for Mo to return from her workplace. I smiled believing that there surely was a bright light at the end of the tunnel. I just had to crawl through the dark tunnel of course.


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