Romance Story: Always Be Mine

I never want to stop making memories with you- Pierre Jeanty 

 to Dr. Benson’s office was always a nightmare for me. I dreaded those steps. Although, it was just a two-story building and her office was on the last floor.

It still kept me on the edge. I get very lazy when it comes to doing anything besides having to climb a plight of stairs. But today I was so determined to see her I needed help. And at the moment she was the only one I could run to in times like this.

I felt so relieved coming face to face with her office door. I inhaled deeply. There’s no going back now.

I knocked twice. Then her voice ushered me in. Sitting behind a big mahogany desk was Dr. Patricia Benson.

One reason why she interested me, was the way she always presented herself. She went about with confidence that oozed authority. She was exactly what one would refer to as a role model.

“Ella quit staring and sit down. I’m only here because I invited you. I have a meeting in thirty so be quick.”

“Ma I want a job!” I blurted.

Realizing what I had said I couldn’t be more stupid.

“I mean…I need a job.” I repeated.

“Ellllaaaa,” She said. Her face was flustered and she smiled.

“I have never seen you this way, is everything okay dear?” She asked.

“No, not exactly,” I said looking at my feet. I twisted my palm in my laps and looked everywhere but her.

 I need a job. Any job at all. I don’t care whatever it is as long as it pays me.”

She looked at me closely and sighed. “Ella why do you need a job all of a sudden? What about the pastry shop?”

Well, ma my parents are in a fix right now struggling to pay my fee. Then, there are my project expenses to worry about amongst other things.
The pastry shop won’t do much in covering all my expenses.

“What! Is it that serious?”

“Yes it is, but I believe you would help me, please I’m in desperate need of your assistance.

She stared at me her eyes full of pity. I hate it when I get stared at. It felt like her eyes were boring holes in my skin. So I just stood there waiting. 

“It’s fine I would get back to you. Probably within the next three days. That’s a promise.” She gathered some files on her desk and peered at her computer’s screen.

Right there and then I felt the knot in my chest loosen. Finally, lt felt like all hope wasn’t lost.

Thank you so much. I would appreciate your reply. I replied not hiding my excitement.

You can go now.” She waved me off. 

I was relieved knowing I was heading somewhere. Just then I heard a growl that wouldn’t be from me right? I thought to myself

Oops, it was my stomach. I haven’t had anything to since eat in the morning. Now, what should I eat? I thought excited.


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