Romance Story: Always Be Mine

Never run back to whatever broke you

Three excruciatingly slow days later I received a text from DrBenson to head down to her office and ensure I get there in fifteen minutes.

I’d always thought that I could and would never run marathon in my lifeHowever, I shocked myself when I felt my legs flying all the way from the main gate to her office. I was practically out of breath by the time I got to her office. Composing my self I knocked on the door and ushered myself in on hearing a response.

Good afternoon ma.”

She looked up at me and smiled, seeing her smile made my shaking palms relax. There is means she probably has good news. I sighed inwardly. Might as well wait for it. 

“So I got to know that one of my old friends is in need of an maid or help but the thing is she doesn’t need it for herself since she is hardly around. She needs you for her grandson who just got back from the states he got transferred here to get done with his finals. I guess you both are in the same department.” She said craning her neck.

I stood there mute.

Dr. Benson looked at me as if she was trying to see through my soul. I wasn’t really thinking at the moment all I want to know is if the pay was good.

She continued, “Well the pay would be around fifty thousand and you would be staying in the house also I heard the boy is quite a handful but I hope you would endure for the meantime”.

This job was great. And the pay—was A-okay. But I didn’t understand why a boy my age would need a help. Oh well.

I couldn’t believe I would be having all that money to myself. I was so lost in thought that I almost zoned out of the conversation.

All you need to do is ensure to do his cooking, laundry. Just the house chores in general. I hope you are okay with that?”

I was speechless for a minute, super excited I couldn’t care less if I was working for my age mate what mattered was me being able to meet up with my expenses. Moving swiftly I pulled her into a hug.

“Oh my God thank you so much ma this means a whole lot to me. I so much appreciate this. Thank you so much“.

I’m glad you are,she replied smiling. Anyways you are to resume as soon as possible so how ready are you.

It stuck me then that I would be leaving Mo I felt quite bad but this had to be done. I needed to tell her first of course. 

Ma, can I have two more days to sort myself out? I would be ready by then.

“Uhm… that won’t be a problem then, do let me know when you are ready.

I got home and called my boss Mr. Fiyin at the pastry shop, to resign. I didn’t care if it was impromptu. Besides, It wasn’t a formal organization. There was no need for any formality in quitting work. Explaining the situation to Mo was the hardest thing to do.

Mo! It’s just a house, and we’d still see on campus. It’s not like traveling or saying goodbye forever. She bent her head and feigned sobs. I rolled my eyes and patted her back. “Would you quit being dramatic already?”

I had gotten to my peak already, having to beg and explain to Mo about a hundred times why and how she couldn’t accompany me to the house of people I don’t even know.

Ella…she whined, you know I can’t do without you how would I stay here all by myself? It’s so not fair. Jeez, and there’s that annoying landlord.” She folded her arms and kept mumbling. I thought this wouldn’t be this hard. But she was making it even harder.

You can come to visit me anytime, Mo.” I cajoled

Really?” She asked, excited.

You sure can Mo, would you help me pack my stuff now?”

Yes, yes, yes.” I couldn’t help but laugh. She sounded like a five-year-old.

“Ella.” She called out meekly

Hmmn,” I hummed, thinking of what to put in my box.

Won’t you tell your parents?

“I don’t think they need to know yet. They won’t be so happy about it“.

True, though, just make sure you tell them soon.”

Sure I would

Hugging me from behind, she muttered into my ear, I would miss you so much, Ella.”

Stop it already. It’s not like I won’t be attending class.” I turned to face her.

“I know, but still, it’s not the same.”

Yeah, right, I huffed, getting bored of her drama.

Just then, she came unto me, almost wringing my neck. I was so going to miss Mo, but it would only last a while, right. I couldn’t wait to begin my new job.


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