Romance Story: Always Be Mine

Love me till eternity  

Wow.” That was the only word I could mutter.

Nobody cared to hint to me that I was coming to work in a house that was this big. I could bet that the owner’s net worth was over a billion.

Dr. Benson had dropped me at the gate of the Savage’s house and told me to meet the security guard at the entrance. I introduced myself as the new help. The security guard looked like he was shocked to see someone like me wanting to be a help. I couldn’t even point out the cause of his surprise.

It wasn’t like I was in my dinner gown or anything. Probably my beauty struck him speechless. I chuckled.

He let me in and directed me to the main door, I knocked, but nobody answered. Then, I let myself in.

I thought seeing the house from the front gate was terrific, but its interior was astonishing. Now, I understood why no one answered the door. This house was far too massive for anyone to hear a slight knock on the door.

The interior was all white and gold. The chandeliers hung beautifully from the roof. The sofas looked like you could have a lifetime sleep on them. It had sheep fur, which had a soft feel under my palm.

I tried checking the rooms to know if anyone was in. They were all locked. Only one open was the kitchen.

My goodness, I yelped. Did I ever mention how I pictured my dream kitchen to be? I thought to myself. This was what I had always dreamt of—a high class kitchen. I had already began to imagine myself cooking and doing all sorts in this kitchen. I hummed my favorite tune I chuckled again. I never knew this kind of life. I mean house awaited me. I felt comfortable and relaxed.

Just then, I heard someone cough behind me. “When you are done staring. Would you like to explain what the hell you are doing in my house and intruding my fucking privacy”.



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