Romance Story: Always Be Mine

When I first met you, I fell in love

I was beyond terrified the voice almost made me jump out of my skin.

“Are you deaf, or you are just dumb?” He bickered.

Lost in thought, I forgot he was talking to me. I was so busy checking him out. Oh my! He’s such a hottie.  I blushed.

I sighed dreamily. He was everything I wanted in a man: tall, muscled body, chiselled face, full lips. I fought the urge to cup his face. He was just perfect, His eyes roamed over me, and he quirked his brows in disdain.

“I can’t believe this!” He scoffed. “Are you okay or something  wrong with my face?” He asked irritated. “I said, who are you?” He roared.

My God, that voice. I sighed again. It was so soothing, like how velvet melted on the tongue. I came to an abrupt pause. What was I thinking? Jolting back to my senses, I clumsily straightened my skirt. 

“ He…hello. I…am sorry. I didn’t mean to ba…barge in li…like that.” He palmed his face and shook his head. I was a total mess, but I went on anyway. “I knocked b…b…but no one responded“. Everything sounded so foolish even to myself.

“That still doesn’t give you the right to walk in here. What if something goes missing?”

He stared wide-eyed. “Uhm, wait… Are you a thief?” His eyes were blazing hot. If they could, I’m sure he would have shot lasers right out of them and burnt me to ashes.

I beg your pardon. I’m not a th…theif.”

“Exactly what a thief would say.”
My ears burned. “I just said I wasn’t a thief. 
if I weren’t invited to come here, I would have never had to enter into an unknown house talk less of encounter you.

My anger was rising, and I couldn’t help it. He blinked furiously and smirked.

Don’t you dare talk back at me, Ever! Do you know who I am? No one, I mean nobody, looks at me and talks back to my face. I can ruin you in seconds; you would be surprised at how unfortunate you could be getting in my way like that.”

I was coming close to me at a slow pace. I knew I was in for it this time around. Maybe I should have been more patient; this may probably be the snooty person I may work for. God knows I wasn’t going to back down anyways. I won’t have anyone treat me like dirt, not even someone this breathtaking.

I laughed and bent over, trying to catch my breath. “Uhm, and may I ask, who are you? I haven’t done anything wrong. All I did was check if anyone was home? It’s not like I stole anything, or you saw me picking something up. I don’t even know you from anywhere. You may as well be an intruder. Who knows?”  I spat back.

He was livid, and the next thing I saw was his hand going up in the air. My eyes went into slits, and I silently dared him to touch me.

“Quit harassing the young lady Adam. When would you ever stop being bossy? The matriarch of the Savage family stood a few steps away, smiling. I could tell she was in her mid-sixties even though she looked far younger. Her hair was grey and packed into a tight bun. Her glasses sat on her nose, and her eyes crinkled every time she blinked.

She walked towards me and smiled wider.

“I’m so sorry, my dear. Please pardon him; he’s having a bad day” It better be. I thought. “Erm, you must be Ella from Dr Benson”?

“Yes, I am. I got here not quite long.

“Come with me, my dear; let’s discuss.”

“Alright.”  Forgetting, Adam was still standing there throwing daggers at me with his eyes. I hurried to follow her.

I turned and stuck my tongue out. He hissed loudly and almost breathed fire. I smiled and patted myself inwardly. 


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