As Fate Would Have It
The padder fills her ears, thumping away on the roof. Temi eyes slowly fluttered open. It had rained throughout the night.
  She glanced at the alarm clock which displays 8:00a.m. She had an interview to attend by 9:30a.m, hurriedly she went to the bathroom, dressed up, grabbed her umbrella and off she went.
Just as she stood by the roadside to stop a taxi, a car driving recklessly spilled mud over her dress!. “Oh my God” she whispered with a her hands on her head.
   The car driver who acknowledge this, came down to apologize.

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  “You are stupid” Temi ranted to the car owner.

I’m sorry he said! While trying to clean her dress with his handkerchief, furiously she said all sort of a stupid words.
Muhammad was slowly losing patience with all the blabbering Temi was doing as he had an interview to conduct on the island. “You have no manners ” he said and drove off . “You are stupid” she ranted to the driver.
Oooh no! What do I do now, my dress is ruined and it is almost time for the interview said Temi worriedly. Hurriedly she entered a taxi and went back home to change.
Good afternoon sir…..afternoon, …….afternoon sir, good day sir…..was ranted into the air as Muhammad walked into the company. Let the interview begin he said as he walked into his office.

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