Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite
Muhammad Jabir was the C.E.O of Adimbos reality, Lagos, Nigeria. The most popular and prosperous rice_producing company in west Africa and Africa at large.
He was born to a family of five children and was the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Jabir Adimbo, a known name in Nigeria. Mr. Jabir was the one-time Senate president of Nigeria. He was pampered since he was the only son.
Like several other children of interest, Muhammad Jabir was educated at one of the leading secondary schools in the nation, King’s College, Lagos. Later he was sent to Epsom College, England, and then on to Lincoln College, University of Oxford. Muhammad never lacked anything while growing up.
He took up the family business after he came back from San Diego in the States. And ever since, the firm had grown beyond recognition. It had attracted investors from both here in Nigeria and the world at large. The company now exports rice to various parts of the world.
Indeed Muhammad is an exemplary leader and had made his family proud over the years.


Temitayo John was a 24 years old graduate of business management from the Lagos State University. With first-class, and ever since for three years, she had been job hunting, from one business firm to another.
Temi who was from a humble background was the bread winner of her family of seven. They barely had three square meals a day talk less of a complete two.


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