I always want to find you there


“Hello, good morning, Am I speaking with Miss Temitayo?” The voice over the phone asked.
“Ye…ee….sss this is Temitayo, how can I help you?”
“You have been selected for the post of the P.A to the C.E.O Adimbos reality.”
“P.A?” she asked and slowly placed her hand over a mouth.
Temitayo was bewildered. “Wow! really, thank you” she said in a soft shaky voice.
“You are to report to work on Monday Miss Temi. The caller said and hanged up immediately.
“Oh my goodness”, temi said as she sat on her bed moving her hand down to her throat then chest.
“I thought I applied for a receptionist?” She thought trying to clarify what she had just heard.
“Phew. At least it’s better than nothing.” She said and rubbed her hand over the bed searching for her phone.
“Mama mi must hear this.”
“Hello Momma, finally I got a job” She told her mum excited.
“Wow! my child congratulation.” Her mum said happily and in tears. Then she mumbled prayers on her daughter.

“Amen” Temi repeatedly said smiling.


*Monday morning*
Temi stood at the door with the words “C.E.O” She sighed heavily and knocked.
“You may come in.” His voice boomed.
“Good morning, sir.”
“Yes, morning.” He his eyes swept over her slowly and returned to his laptop. “I’m sure you’ve been briefed about your position?”
“Erm… not really. That wasn’t the post I applied for.”
He looked at me again and smirked.
“I’m aware of that. This is my company, and I felt that position would suit you better. If you aren’t interested, you’re free to leave.”
“No…no…not that. I’ll take the job,” she said. What a prude, she thought.

Temitayo plastered a fake smile on her face and looked around his office. This was the first time she was taking in his office. Most of his furniture was black. The room had a beautiful glass backdrop that overlooked the city. Every file on the shelves and his table were neatly stacked. At the corner of the room was a coffee machine. On it was some photo frames which were turned down. She wondered why anyone would choose not to stand a photo frame.

He coughed, and she immediately drew her eye back to him. Flexing his expensive watch, he stretched out some papers to her.

“Okay, so, in these documents are my schedule and everything your work entails. You will only report directly to me, and you will do whatever task I assign to you that is not in the documents, of course. I hope that’s clear?”
She nodded. “Yes, it is.”
“Good! Now, excuse me.”


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