As fate would definitely have it

Five months later.


“I must really commend you, Miss Temi.”Muhammad said as he held the cup closer to his lips. “Your efforts have been exceptional and believe me you’ve done better than I expected.”

“Thank you.” She said smiling.

Muhammad had developed a strong likeness to her. He liked the way she carried herself. And how she was so at ease in her body. It was obvious she was clever and humble.

“Besides, that reminds me.” Muhammad added dropping the cup “You and I will be going to a conference in South Africa”.

“Wow!” She said as a mouth slacked in surprise.

“Wow?”,”I guess you never travelled out of this country” he asked smiling.

“No sir” she chuckled. “Uhm…is it just both of us?”

“Yes, do you have any problem with that?”


“Okay, we will be leaving three days from now, I have made arrangement for your visa.”


“Alright.” Temi said.

Temi got home feeling excited. For years she had been looking forward to travelling away from home – to having her freedom – but now, she only thought of how much she would miss her family and how frightening it would be to travel with her boss. Alone.

She went to her mother place to tell her about the forthcoming trip. Her mother was so excited. With tears in her eyes she prayed for temi.



“Good morning sir.” She said, stepping into the car parked in front of the office.

“Morning,” He replied briskly, then he revived the engine. “I can sense you are excited about this trip” Muhammad dragged his eyes lazily over her.

“I guess,” Temi said, feeling giddy. They both discussed as they drove to the airport

After boarding the plane, they arrived tired and went to the hotel he had booked for them.

“Here are your keys, sir,” The receptionist said. She looked at Temi then settled her eyes on Muhammad. “Alright.” He grabbed the keys from the front desk.

“Oh, sir.” She called out sweetly.

We both turned out necks, and this time Muhammad’s eyebrows were creased. Temi was sure it wasn’t just her who noticed the receptionist’s failed attempt at flirting.

“If you need anything, don’t hesitate to call room service.” She blinked furiously and smiled. Temi rolled her eyes and tailed Muhammad, who was already three strides ahead of her. He walked her to her room and stood at the doorway.

“Good night Miss Temi, be ready by 7:pm tomorrow. We will be leaving for Johannesburg. That’s where the conference will hold.”

“Alright,” She replied. Immediately she closed the door behind her she sunk into the bed, letting its warmth envelop her.


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