“Mr. Adimbo, it’s been a while I saw you since the conference in Sebo, right?”
” Yes, it has Mr. Jide.”

“How’s your dad?”

“He is fine,” Muhammad replied.

“Is this your wife?” Mr. Jude asked and pointed at Temi, who was standing behind Muhammad.
He smiled as he held Temi’s hand and drew her closer, “Temi, this is Mr. Jide, a business tycoon who owns multiple hotel chains.”
“Ohhhhh c’mon,” Mr jide said, laughing as they all walked towards the Conference Hall.
 Temi could not help but marvel at the atmosphere and the people she was introduced to. It’s was like a fairy tale to her. She couldn’t believe a lady of her type was amongst magnates. She had a mixed feeling of joy and nervousness.
 The conference was held at Arum Place Guest House, one of the most luxurious hotels in Jo’burg. The meeting featured business owners from all over Africa.

As they continued their walk, Muhammad noticed Temi was silent.
“Hey, are you okay?” he asked, smiling.

She sighed. “I guess I am.” she chuckled.
“Just wait over there until we’re done, alright?” Muhammad said and tapped her shoulder.
“Ok, sir.”

 After the conference, they both walked outside. The path was a rustling carpet of golden leaves, and the air hung heavy with the smell of bonfires. Temi and Muhammad were walking in the direction of the meadows and talking. They spoke at length about the meeting’s outcome and the benefits it would have on his own company.
“So what do you think of here, compared to Nigeria?” Muhammad asked.

“Well, I must admit South Africa is hauntingly beautiful,” she said smiling.
“Your smile is contagious,” he said, staring at her.

She smiled and bent her head to avoid his gaze.
They walked in silence for a few moments along the narrow path. He wanted to ask about her family but didn’t want to seem rude, so they talked about people they knew instead. They hadn’t realized how far they had gone until Muhammad saw they were nearly at a pub which was a couple of miles away from the Conference Hall.
“Wow! Oh my God, we have walked so far.”

Muhammad jokingly said and laughed. “I guess we’re going to have to walk back again.”

“Oh, alright,” Temi replied, smiling.

They got back to the hall exhausted.

“That’s one hell of a walk,” Muhammad said, staring at Temi. Temi nodded. “I guess we should head back to the hotel,” Temi insisted, this time fixing her gaze on him so that he found it difficult to let his eyes wander down the rest of her body as he has always done.


“Why? don’t you like it out here?”
“No, I just need rest.”
“Ok then,” he said and drew her closer as they walked towards the car park.

 They arrived at the hotel and walked in silence as they approach the entrance to the hotel.

“So….hmm, Good Night,” Muhammad said as they both paused at the entrance.
“Good Night, sir,” Temi replied, walking to her apartment.
Muhammad stood for a while as he watched Temi walked to her apartment.


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