The beautiful thing about young love is it lasts.

The clear blue sky was dotted with fluffy white clouds and it drifted lazily in the gentle breeze.

Muhammad stood for a moment, resting his back on his car with his hands folded across his chest. He tried to take all his surroundings in. The heat, the blinding brightness of the sun, people milling around, couples holding hands on the sidewalk. He looked up and m saw Temi walking down the steps of the hotel. She was in a form-fitting, strapless, gold sequin gown and a stiletto. She looked lovely and devastatingly beautiful.

“You’re late.” Muhammad sniggered and opened the door for Temi who smiled.
He got into the car and asked.

“Shall we” He chortled and started the car, driving out of the premises.
He drove through Jo’burg and they stopped at Pilanesberg National Park, Soweto, and the Mandela Museum, Gold Reef city.
They both visited all the beautiful places they could find.
They returned to the hotel in the afternoon. Temi wasn’t hungry, but Muhammad insisted that visit a restaurant. They finally ate out at a local restaurant where they ordered chakalaka and pap – a native South African food.
He ordered for her the mildest thing on the menu and yet her eyes still streamed from what the owner claimed: “delicious”. Muhammad laughed at her valiant effort to eat, reminding her of the time she coughed her way through the food at the meeting.

He laughed most when they talked about South Africa but became more serious when they talked about family. He noticed that occasionally Temi would just stare into space. He could tell she was nostalgic, which was why he agreed to dance, even Temi looked exhausted and a bit shy. Muhammed was his playful self, and this time she joined him, letting go and not feeling self-conscious. Time stopped in a collision of sense when his lips met hers. Her heart skipped a beat; she gasped.

“Goodnight Temi”, He said giving her a peck on her cheek after they arrived at the hotel.

The following morning, Muhammad booked their flight back to Nigeria.

“Knock! Knock!”

“Just a minute,” Temi said and hurriedly stepped out of the shower trying to tie her towel.

“Hi, here is your flight ticket, we’re leaving by 1:00 p.m.”, Muhammad said.

“Really”, Temi smiled.

“Yes,” he said and rested his eyes on her body.

“Okay sir” she slowly closed the door when she noticed his eyes.
By 1:04 p.m, their plane took off. It was to arrive in Lagos, Nigeria after 6 hours, 5 minutes.


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