On some days she makes me happy. everyday, she makes me smile.
Romance Story
The muezzin’s shrill voice pierced the morning’s silence with calls of prayer that jolted Temi from her sleep. She rolled over on the mattress and stretched her arms over her head. It took her a few moments to realize she was back home. She scratched her eyes and stretched her arms, this time for long. Then she got out of bed.
Very soon, Binta her childhood friend and neighbor who had welcomed her when she first arrive, would come knocking on the door begging Temi to tell her everything about her trip to South Africa. Temi sighed and got out of bed. She stared at her luggage which was scattered on the floor.  And just as she expected, Binta shouted her name and knocked.
“Temi! Temi!, It’s me, Binta”.
Rolling her eyes, she flung the door open.
 “Morning Girl”, Binta smiled.
“Good morning”, Temi replied, heading towards the couch.
“So… How was the trip?”
“Hmm….. So who is the lucky guy? Binta smirked, moving closer to Temi.
“Lucky Guy?… What do you mean?… That’s my boss,” Temi replied with a blank look.
“Well, it looks like you and he are…”
” I don’t want to talk about it, Ok” Temi scolded.
“It’s lovely to be back”, Temi said, trying to divert the topic. Binta acknowledge that and replied, “Yeah, Uhm…So… What would you like to eat?” whisking towards her kitchen.
Temi felt bad for snapping at Binta. She suspected she might have seen the hug and peek he gave her when she arrived last night. She shrugged and stood up to meet her in the kitchen.
Temi didn’t not hear from Muhammad until the following Monday. He invited her to have a drink with him. It was all he could do to stop himself from grinning while saying goodbye. That night at the pub, Muhammad was struck with how attractive Temi was, but it seemed to Muhammad she had put on extra make-up. He didn’t care about that, finding it every day, but the fact that she had gone out of her way to look good to him was all that mattered.
They laughed when they talked about their first meeting at the motor park. Muhammad reminded her of how rude she was. He asked about her experience, being the first time she would have ever travelled outside the country in South Africa. They talked at length about his business plans. Temi was beginning to think that he was sharing things with her he might not have shared with anybody when she changed the subject and asked how many girlfriends he had.
“ What! Girlfriend?” Muhammad tried to laugh it off, but Temi wasn’t laughing. It took some days to convince her he wasn’t a hedonist. Muhammad grew bold again and asked if she would come to his place for dinner.
On Friday night, she came, and this time, Muhammad asked if she was seeing anyone.
“Well, no one”. They laughed a lot of time which gave Muhammad the courage to tell her how beautiful she was.

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