Once I knew you, I never wanted to know anyone else-Leo Christopher 

Good afternoon, “I’m here for the inter…”
“The interview has long started” interrupted the secretary.
“I know, I’m late but please give me a chance, I encountered some problems that’s why I’m late.” Temi pleaded as her gaze was flitting around the room, never setting on the secretary for long.
“Okay but you have to wait for the others to be done since you are late.”
“Thank you, thank you ma’am” she replied.
“Miss Temi, you are up next for the interview,” the Secretary said.
“Ok ma” she replied apprehensively.
“This way, down the corridor, thanks.”
Knock! Knock! Knock!
“Come in.”
“Good afternoon sir.” She said as she walked in slowly. Her heart pounding heavily.
“Sit down,” he said with his head down while signing the papers in front of him.
“What’s your name?” he asked while looking up at her.
“My name is Temi…” Temi paused and peered intently at him. The interviewer turned out to be the person she had quarreled with at the motor-park for spilling mud on her dress.
“You!” Temi said.
“Well Well Well who do we have here, the rude girl.” He said and smirked.
She sighed. “My name  is Temitayo Johnson”
“Okay, Temi let us go straight to the interview, can I see your credentials”
“Yes…no…yes sir.” She said confused.
“Is it a yes or no Miss?” He asked.
“Sorry, sir. Here is it sir” she said passing it to him.”
Okay impressive” he said while going through her papers.
“Do you have any experience?” He asked.
“No sir, but you can give me a chance, I promise not to disappoint you”. Temi replied.
“You can go, Miss, you will be called upon if you are selected, thank you.” He said waving her away.
“Thank you, sir.” She said dejectedly.


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