I do have a soft spot for books.  A book lover, in fact. It’s a different world entirely with your nose buried in a book. I recently met a fantastic person who shared the same passion, or as I do for books and today, I decided to honour everyone with her presence. Grab popcorn or a hot cup of coffee because this book lover’s interview is an eye opener.

Book lover

Q: Hi there.

A: Hello.

I’m glad you decided to bless us with your presence today.

(Giggles). It wasn’t a problem.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Oluwaseyifunmi. A Law student and an avid reader. I’m also a blogger. I love to sing and dance even though I’m terrible at dancing.

Oluwaseyifunmi the book lover
The beautiful Oluwasyifunmi

At least you have the courage to do that😂. So Oluwaseyifunmi, when did you start reading for pleasure?

At age 9. I can recall reading those short stories with only 20-30 pages.

Wow. Looks like you’ve been nursing the reading culture for a really long time. As a book lover, you should have a popular book you dislike. Which book would that be?

Of course I do. After. The storyline just didn’t feel realistic enough for me at all.

Hmmm. This is a first. We would like to know the best place you read?

Definitely my room, with all the curtains down😂😂.

Sounds like the perfect idea place a book lover would camp. Making the room all cozy and comfy. What book do you recommend as a must read?

The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo. Definitely a must read.

Oooh guys you have to read this book then. I know there’s a particular genre of book you never read. What genre would that be and why?

Romance. Happy endings sort of seem unrealistic to me.

So basically, you don’t believe in happily ever after?

I don’t. It’s like life always has a funny surprise waiting for you.


Read Taming His Desires. The sweet romance story about a girl with Parkinson’s.

Oh I see. Do you mind telling us your favorite book of all times?

That’s a tough one but I would go for the seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

Alright. Seems you have a lot of favorite books then?

Oh yes I do. One for each genre.

Could you just list them out?

Christian novels: the atonement child by Francine rivers
Fantasy: the hunger games
Horror: it by Stephen king
Thriller : the lying game by Ruth ware

Interesting books I must say. Now, as a book lover if you could meet with one author dead or alive who would it be?

Jodi Picoult. (squeals) I’m stalking her on all her social media pages already.

Now that’s on another level😂. Don’t forget to stalk her on goodreads too. But why Jodi Picoult?

Another angleee. I would like to understand what inspires her storylines. The range of emotions expressed by her characters are simply extraordinary.

It must be mind thrilling to read her books then.

Yes it is.

What are you currently reading?

A psychological thriller the silent wife by A. S. A Harrison.

So far you must have read many books and would have fantasized living in one of them. Which book would that be?

Hunger games. I doubt that I’d have survived that long.

Okay this is exciting. Why wish to live in it? A death wish or something?

The thrill, the adventure, and knowing how dying feels.

I have no comments on that😂. As a book lover obviously you must have so many books on your TBR (to be read). Which book would you say has stayed the longest there?

Unspeakable things by jess lourey. Deep down I think I’m scared to read it because it’s based on a real life story.

Being a real life story should be what motivates you to even read it. It can’t be all that bad after all.

From the excerpt, it is really unspeakable.

Now to the controversial question among book lovers. Paperbacks, hardbacks or ebooks?

Ebooks, anything else makes me sneeze a lotttt.

A book lover gets allergy from books??😳. The irony of it all.

What are the odds right?

Exactly. Oluwaseyifunmi, do you have anything to say about books?

It has helped me understand the reason people make a lot of decision I would personally frown at. Also, it has enlightened me about mental illness and the cycle of abuse. And the number one rule, if it feels scary, then you should never check it outttt

I’ll keep that in mind. Finally, could you leave us with your beat quote or an excerpt from a book?

Ohhh, I have one.

A quote from Elie Wiesel
A quote from Elie Wiesel.

Thank you so much. Oluwaseyifunmi the book lover
I had a wonderful time with you

It’s been a pleasure. Thank you.

We hope to hear more from your book adventures soon.



Okay guys. You’ve just seen Oluwaseyifunmi’s hot takes on books.

You can check Oluwaseyifunmi’s blog. I promise you it’s mind thrilling Debhies blog

And this is one of my favorite posts on her blog, battling with addiction.

Next week. I’ll be anchoring an interview with an author. Oh yes! An author. Who would it be?? I don’t know either🤔


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