Dork Diaries

Author- Rachel Renée Russell
Rating- ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Genre- Fiction, Comedy.


Dork Diaries

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Oh my! The DORK DIARIES by Rachel Renee Russel book had me laughing out loud. Now this is what I call comedy. Loved it!

Dork diaries


The Dork Diaries Description


A reality TV crew follows Nikki Maxwell and her friends around as they record their song together. Nikki has her scheduled filled out. There’s dance practice, voice lessons, her annoying little sister, bratty Mackenzie, and her crush Brandon. She hopes that all the excitement won’t cause new problems for her and Brandon. Sighhh! It


Alright, so when I started with the Dork Diaries . The animations got me excited but the storyline wasn’t that funny. Just a little humor here and there. As I read on, the plot developed and it was extremely funny. I’m not exaggerating. I mean F-U-N-N-Y.


Nikki Maxwell is not only a dork but she’s irritating 😂. In a funny way. My best character in the book had to be Sensei Hawk. Everything about him was out of place. Even the animation in the book couldn’t salvage anything about him. He was the opposite of a marital teacher. Just take a look.


Book Review: The Dork Diaries| Rodney Hawkins
Sensei hawk


I mean, how’s he meant to teach karate?? Russell wrote this book so well. I mean Dork Diaries is a classic. I’ve read most of it but I took notice of so many details I’ve overlooked in the past books.


For example, her use of punctuations and bolden words to create humor in the story is so nice. I can say 80% of the time, the words made the story hilarious. Oh, and there’s ice queen Mackenzie. Every time she carried out a mischievous act I felt like smacking her. She played the antagonist part well. I mean, she was pretty good at sticking her nose in Nikki’s business.


Book Review: The Dork Diaries| Mackenzie Hollister
Mackenzie Hollister


Now, we all know the dork diaries was written as a journal. So I can say, Nikki wrote the activities that took place in a month in a two months journal. We can’t refer to a specific date in her journal where the incident took place that day. An event that takes place in a day is spaced out in seven days. Totally not a regular journal.

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Then there’s her supportive (dork) friends. Chloe and Zoey (minor characters). They were mostly out of the picture in the iNikki, Chloe and Zoey.

Dork Diaries: Nicki Maxwell and friends

The Dork Diaries was an amazing book and no, it’s not for children and teenagers. Anyone can read the Dork Diaries. Although, I doubt I’d still remember any of the character’s names aside from Nikki by next month. But I can vouch for the storyline? I’m still surprised that it still had its front and back cover when I got it.

So yeah, five stars it is. If you don’t want to keep a straight face while reading then the Dork Diaries you.

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