Blog tour: Love Ever After by Monica Exley

Love Ever After

Author: Monica Exley

Genre: Fiction, Biography

ISBN-13: 9798679256293

Alright, before anything else, I’d love to thank Monica Exley for sending the ARC of her latest publication, Love Ever After in the participation of her book tour.

Summary of “Love Ever After

Things are not as they appear

Love Ever After Book Description

Love Ever After is a biography, but then it’s not a proper biography. It talks about the life the main character “Sophia Baker” would have lived if she hadn’t been a victim of abuse and rape at the age of 11. Love ever after takes us through the ideal life Sophia would have had, something along the line of a happily ever after. Although she never had the opportunity to experience this life.


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Frank busts out a red gift bag. I look inside and the label reads: Magic Sex Wand Toy. WHAT IS IT?! I read the description. LONG PAUSE … What am I supposed to do with this, I ask him? I’m mad at you. Why would you get me this for a gift? I am so embarrassed. You literally just made me blush ten levels of pink. You can have your toy back. Hope you saved the receipt. Also, we cannot talk anymore!”

When I picked up Love Ever After, I had to admit it was unlike my usual novels. The book was written in mostly present tense, and the dialogue wasn’t in a quote. So yes, you can imagine I had a little tough time reading this book.

But then I finished it, and I decided that the book wasn’t bad after all. I found Sophia to be very naive and immature for someone that was about to be forty years. And her husband, Frank, was entirely too docile but understanding of her behavior.

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The ending of Love Ever After evoked sympathy in me. Because I understood why Sophia took some actions and had a standoffish attitude towards men, this book brings about the awareness of abuse and rape.

Love Ever After” is currently available on, Amazon and Goodreads.

It’s for anyone interested in how rape and abuse affect its victims.



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