Happy Father’s day

happy father's day

Where would I be today without this man? Maybe in the streets somewhere. Who knows? Maybe you wouldn’t even be reading this right now because… (You don’t have to mumble) yes, I’m aware. A father is not just a man with a penis but also striving single mothers (still fathers). So yes, happy father’s day. 

You know I know a man, believe me I do. I know a man who would not see me starve, who would give everything up for his family, who taught me how to tie my laces and was there to pick me up every time I tripped on them. Who watched over my little brother and I when mama was away. Again, I say happy Father’s day.

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The day that remains evergreen in my memory was when he caught me stealing from mama’s purse. Did I tell you this man was a disciplinarian? Oh! yes he was. I feared what was to come, I waited patiently for that familiar igbati accompanied with the whips of the baba gudigudi on my back but nothing came. He called me to his room and spoke to me gently while reprimanding me from doing such again. I was happy to have been spared that night, little did i know what was to befall me. Yet, i say happy father’s day.

The next day, I was sent off to boarding school. My worst nightmare. “Papa please, I won’t do that again” I begged. That moment, I wished he had whipped by buttocks, all i wanted were some factory resetting slaps in the face. Despite this, he still made it a habit to visit me in school. How could I dislike someone who shaped and moulded me to what I was today? He was not just a father but a hero. My hero. Happy father’s day my unsung hero.

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Mama – mother

Papa- father

Igbati- slaps

Baba gudigudi-cane


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