Promise me. You’ll ride with me forever
Days turned weeks. Weeks turned months. It has to be five months since Muhammad and Temi had started dating, and it had been waxing stronger each passing day. Even the workers could see their intimacy.
    “Hmm…Nawa ooo, oga and hin so-called P.A”, said one of them.
    “Abi na, Love,  they say, is blind,” replied another.
       Often, after work, he would drive downtown, and now it wasn’t only him telling her about his family. She shared hers with him, telling him everything about her family.
One Saturday night, he invited her to his place for dinner. He had prepared spicy Jollof Rice with Fried Chicken.
    “Have a seat,” Muhammed said, drawing the chair away from the table.
    “Wow! I never knew you were a good cook.” Temi smiled.
“Well, now you know,” they laughed.

They chatted and laughed while they lay out the food.
Occasionally, he would stare at her after each gulp, and Temi responded with a smile. After the meal, he asked her if she would like to meet her family – he had spoken about Temi to his mom. Temi agreed.

Don’t miss out on any episode of this sizzling story. Wondering where it began? Well, As Fate Would Have It started here.

    Muhammad welcomed Temi to his house and ushered her into a brightly lit room. He asked her to wait in the living room while he called for his parents. Muhammad’s parents were from the north but had lived all their lives in Lagos – one could hardly tell they were Northerns. The accent wasn’t there.
 He introduced her to his dad, who spoke at length about the ongoing conflict between the Northerns and the Yorubas. He also talked about the rumor of secession. They moved on to talk to his mum, who Temi found to be beautiful. They all spoke about random things for a while with.

Temi found his parents to be generous at heart.

The meeting with his parents assured Muhammad he had won Temi’s heart.
She would know he is serious about their relationship.  He was going to tell her something that would if she agreed, seal the fate of their relationship. He had been willing to say to her since they started dating but felt it was too early. This time he had grown bold to tell her.
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