sometimes you just have to forget about your worries and go with the flow”

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I bopped my head to loud music blaring from the speakers on my left. I shifted on the bar stool as the disco lights twirled over my head. In one gulp, I threw my head back and downed my tequila feeling it course through my body. I placed the glass on the bar, biting into the slice of lemon in my hands.
“Another shot.” I called out to the bar tender.
“Put it on my tab.” A velvet rich baritone added. I turned my head and my gaze fell on an ebony skinned god. My head felt light but I kept my eyes trained on him. Pulling out the bar stool close to me, he lowered himself in it while he flexed his rippled arms under his shirt. I watched as he ran his sculptured fingers over the rim of his glass.

“What’s a beautiful lady like you doing here all by yourself?” he said, giving me a better view of his finely chiseled face and hard lined lips. On impulse, my body responded to the closure of his body heat which made it more difficult to gather my thoughts. His button shirt was opened, revealing his ebony stretched abs. I ran my eyes lazily over his well defined pectorals. The hairs sprawled on his chest ran down in a thin line leading to his cock which was encased in his pants. Heat rose to my face just thinking about the size of him.
“I decided to get away.” I replied running a finger over my red stained lips. He closed in the distance between us and left a hot breath on my ear.
“Why don’t we get away right now?” My nipples hardened underneath my blouse and his eyes twinkled like he knew the effect he had on me. I hopped down from the bar stool, steadying myself with the back of the stool as I gripped my purse tightly. He slapped some notes on the bar table and mirrored my action. I grabbed his arm and pulled him through the sea of sweaty bodies on the floor.

“Yeah, feisty –” Whatever he said was lost as I pushed open the bathroom door, bolting it from behind. My heart rate quickened and my hands became damped. His palm slapped against the door caging me with his body as he trailed hot wet kisses down my neck. He raised my left leg, cupping my back side with his palm, he shifted my under garment. I squeezed my eyes shut as his fingers worked my cleft. A flood of heated memories swam through my head. With every stroke of his fingers I arched my back, pushing my body into him. Leaning into the door, he delved his fingers deeper. His shirt remained in place and his pants had tightened from the bulge of his cock. I found this hot and desirable, which only made me needy.
“I want to taste you.” I let out breathless. Immediately, I fell to my knees looking up into his rich honey pooled eyes; I worked on his pants, freeing his cock from his briefs. My eyes widen like large saucers. I held him in my hands and he let out a loud moan which made me stroke him even harder. He grabbed a handful of my hair, keeping me in place. My gaze never left his, I watched him as I teased him, stroking and priming him.

“You feel so good.” I whispered, stroking his hardened cock with my needy mouth sliding up and down. I fastened my tempo rubbing him back and forth when his uncontrolled outburst spritzed over me.
“Make me come.” I said. It came from me but I couldn’t recognize my voice. He flipped me over the wash hand basin. Reaching behind me, he spread my legs and nudged me open. I let my body receive the first thick inch as I let out an inaudible moan. He pushed deeper inside me and slammed into me. I bit out as my knuckles turned red from my grip on the basin. He pushed back again, now easier since he was wet from me. The hotness and steam was too much to take in. I shuddered when my buttocks hit his thighs; I moved my hips in a sensual circle as he held me down. The pounding in my clit made heat radiate through me. My clit tightened around him, holding him as he pierced me. He worked his hands under my blouse circling a nipple and it beaded in his palm as he pinched it hard.
“You like it kinky huh?” his hands connected with my backside leaving a delicious feeling there. My clit spasmed around him and I matched his tempo with mine. Taking him deeper. He pushed two fingers inside me, replacing them with his cock and I gripped harder to the sink then, I heard him let out a muffled groan and I cried in pleasure as he filled my entire body. I arched my back as I orgarsmed with my breathing labored from my lungs. My legs shifted beneath me and I collapsed against him, panting and soaking wet. He pulled up his pants and flashed me a million dollar smile and he tucked his card in the deep of my chest. I released a shaky exhalation, relieving what just happened. We stood there for a long moment surrounded by our body heats.
“We should do this again.” He whispered and he bent over me, making me excited again.


Enjoy🤗. See you next time…



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