Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same”— After we collided

When I saw that filth grinding against Ademidun, adrenaline pumped in me. And I was livid. What came over me? I held my head and stared at the floating bubbles on my laptop. It took every willpower in me not to break his bones. Ademidun was two rooms away from me. Her coordinator was getting worse than I actually expected but I was surprised at that she could control it quite well.

Parkinson’s was terrible and could do more damage if not checked. And in her first stage, Ademidun was doing fine accepting it. I was glad she didn’t bite on her lips earlier or I would have lost it. It would have taken the intervention of the mother of earth to not have bent her over my knees. I shifted in my chair adjusting the uncomfortable bulge that was beginning to grow in my pants.

Gbotemi had called me earlier about our stepsister. He spoke about her with so much enthusiasm that I could tell he was excited to have a sibling other than me. I couldn’t blame him. I would be excited to have someone else than me too. The company’s balance sheet still had a discrepancy. I scanned the balance over and over and I couldn’t place a finger on what went wrong with the numbers. A loud crash echoed from the next room. Without thinking I walked as fast as my feet could carry me to my room and there, my eyes fell on Ademidun who tossed in the bed.

“No…Stop…I said no…” Beads of sweat formed on her fore head and a crease sat there. She had knocked the vase by the bed table down. My heart tugged painfully seeing her in fear.

“Ademidun.” I padded to her side of the bed and held her. With force she jolted back in her sleep.

“Ademidun!” this time I called out louder and her eyes flew opened. She scrambled up from the bed and threw her arms around me.

“Enitan don’t leave me. Stay with me.” She whimpered. I ran my fingers through her hair which she had surprisingly let down, and held her to my chest.

“I’m here. I’m here.” I whispered into her ear and the tension in her shoulders softened. Straightening the tangled sheets, I ran my fingers through her massaging her head. She held my shirt tight and I wrapped my hands around her. Placing my chin over her head, I caught a waft of my shampoo on her hair and smiled. Minutes later, her breathing had evened and she was fast asleep. I gently tucked her in and laid beside her.

I blinked my eyes open stretching my palm over the bed. The sound of the running shower made me sit up. Ademidun, came out of the bathroom, dressed in one of my white shirts. Her dark hair was wrapped in a towel giving her face a defined highlight. My gaze fell on her long-shaped legs and I felt the urge to wrap them round me.

“I got this from one of the shirts you stacked on that chair.” She said pointing towards the sofa I dumped my old clothes.

“It’s fine. It fits you more than it did for me. How are you?” A smile crept up her face and she hugged herself.

“I’m okay.” She palmed her face groaning. “Ugh! I’m embarrassed. Everything that happened yesterday shouldn’t have.” Peals of laughter burst from me. I went to her and cupped her palms in mine.

“It’s fine. Everyone gets nightmares. Who’s your doctor?” I asked.


“Your doctor.” I repeated.

“Well I ha—”

“Never mind, I’ll get you a better one.”

“You don’t have to.” She replied pulling her palms away.

“But I want to. Don’t you want to get better, I don’t know, just be better than before and obviously” I eyed her “Now?”

Without waiting for her reply I left. On a normal day I would have gone to the gym down the street but being with Ademidun under the same space made me feel different. I tousled my wet hair and grabbed my tab. The smell of toast hit my nose when I stepped out. I peeked into my room and she wasn’t there. Gbotemi wanted us to meet up with our newfound sister today but I wasn’t ready for that. Chiamaka stood in her white apron washing the dishes in the sink. She was the only person I decided to keep around in my house. I never understood the idea of having many housekeepers or whatnots around. I checked for signs of any broken glass but there wasn’t any. Chiamaka worked part-time and took Sundays off.

“You shouldn’t be doing that.” I said.

Ademidun stood tapping her fingers against the table top as she waited for the toast machine to turn green.

“Oh I just felt like. I like it with extra butter.”

I nodded towards Chiamaka who returned it with a smile. “By the way I noticed, the fridge is stocked with bagels and donuts. Is there some kind of obsession with it?” Quirking her full brows she rested her left hand on her hips. I bit the inside of my cheeks holding in my amusement.

“Actually, there is.” Her mouth formed an “O” and she turned to face the toast machine.

“Would you like your tea here Mr. Williams?” Chiamaka asked placing two bagels in the oven.

“Of course. When you’re done with that you can take the day off.” Her eyes twinkled and she swiped her hands on the apron.

“Demilade would be worried sick about me. I feel like I’ve overstayed but I’m too shameless to leave without having breakfast first.” I chuckled and she smiled dropping her plate with a loud clang before she settling into the stool beside me.

“I already called her. She knows you’re with me.” Her eyes widened and her jaw hung lowly. “Your phone had no lock, so it was easy.” I shrugged my shoulders biting into the toast.

“That’s some stalker Vibęs.”

“I wouldn’t call it that.” She rolled her eyes and continued chewing. “I prefer to call it an act of service… and you’re welcome.”

After breakfast, I drove Ademidun home. Demilade’s eyes brightened on seeing us and she hugged Ademidun tight. For a minute, I felt she would suffocate her.

“I’m so sorry about what happened. Sorry. I mean one minute I was getting us drinks then the next this guy offers to pay. You know, I was going to turn him down… yada yada yada” She moved back to check if Ademidun was fine before pulling her into another hug. “I can’t believe that batshit guy tried to…” I cleared my throat and she darted her eyes to me. The corners of her lips lifted slowly and she looked everywhere else but me.

“Enitan Williams. Hi.” She waved at me and dragged her eyes back to Ademidun. I could bet she was embarrassed by what happened yesterday night. A notification popped up on my screen and I quickly checked it.

“I should get going now.” I said looking up at Ademidun before casting Demilade an impassive look. She shifted on her feet and scratched the back of her head.

“Okay. Thanks again.” Ademidun replied. I walked towards my car to see Demilade throwing her hands in air as she talked animatedly to Ademidun who bopped her head down seemingly intruded in what she had to say.

“Her birthday is next week and dad wants…”

“Dad wants what?” I scowled. Gbotemi turned around the desk and came to sit at the edge of my desk.

“He wants us to get to know her.” He replied in a monotone. I clenched my fist. It didn’t make any sense to me. Why would he fly down all the way from Lagos to tell me this?

“Enitan, if you could just put your anger aside just this once. Chisom is just a victim like us in all of these. It would be unreasonable to direct your anger towards her.” I flicked the tip of the pen on the desk and it flew across the room, landing on the floor. Gbotemi wore dark suit trousers, with a cream shirt. His hair was nicely shaved giving him an edgy look. He moved to the single sofa in the room and crossed his legs. His polished Louis Vuitton matched his chocolate eyes. At least he had a taste for good shoes. I thought.

“Why are you here?” I asked irritated.

“Can’t I be here?” He shot back. “Well, here is the invitation to her 23rd party.” He passed me an envelope with a golden ribbon on it. “She’s excited to meet us. You just have to be there” the smug look on his face only irked me.

“I bet she is. Now if you don’t mind, I’d prefer to devote my precious time to other things.” He clicked his tongue, waving a finger in my face.

“Not you dismissing your brother rudely. No way.” His eyes brightened; keeping his hand on the doorknob he faced me. “And oh yes…” he clapped his hands together “don’t be such a bore dear brother. Bring a plus one this time.” He winked at me and turned to leave. My fists connected with the desk, sending the papers flying up. The last time we had a family dinner I went alone. And I’ve never been so glad to decide that because that dinner night ended on a terrible note. I picked up my phone and dialled it.

“I want you here now!” Bolu’s voice came out on the other end muffled.

“It’s a Saturday, Enitan.” He groaned before throwing off the sheets.

“I know.”

“Who’s that?” a female voice boomed from the phone’s receiver.

“Nothing important.” He replied. “Alright, I’m on my way.” He scoffed at me before ending the call. I rested back in my chair as I sifted my hands through my hair.



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