“I see you everywhere, in the stars, in the river, to me you’re everything that exists; the reality of everything”- Virginia Woolf, “Night and day

Song – Again by Wande coal

The whole city of Abuja was illuminated. The dark heavy skies couldn’t take it anymore and decided to pour. The water in the pot holes shimmered under the dim yellow glow of the street lights. There were horns blaring everywhere and people running into each other on the sidewalks. A bunch of drunken people had begun a ruckus outside the karaoke bar across the street. One could hear the distant police siren approaching. It was a mad house down there. I had turned off the buzzing of my phone for the umpteenth time. Father wouldn’t just take no for an answer. Our family has been the biggest telecommunications tycoons for the past 10 years and today my father had decided to throw a party in commemoration of it. I just didn’t understand why I had to be there. Gbotemi, my younger brother had always been my father’s favorite and I couldn’t care less.
My phone rang again, this time it was my mother.
“Hello mum”
“Enitan Williams, where are you?” she asked worried.
“I’m busy mum”
“Of all days to be busy why today? Your father needs you here.” I grunted at her reply knowing it was just a way to get me out of bed.
“We both know he doesn’t need anyone. Mum I don’t understand why you still chose to stay with him after all he had done to us”
“Not today, Enitan.” She pleaded.
“Okay mum. I’m on my way.” I heard her release a breath she didn’t know she was holding. I tried paging Dele, my chauffeur before I remembered he didn’t work on weekends.

The streets had already become desolate and the street lights had begun to flicker. I hopped into my black SUV and drove to the party. As expected, Pearl arena was buzzing with socialites. The room was grand, gold chandeliers spiraled down from the tall ceiling and the floor was finely polished. The exotic aroma of spices combined with a fruity waft hit my nose. I wasn’t surprised, I knew my father all too well. At the side, there was a magnificent water fountain and a pedestrian bridge where pictures could be taken to capture the moment. I found my way through the line of busy people, exchanging pleasantries with those I could recognize.

I spotted my mother in the midst of her friends. She was a sight to behold and she stood out easily. She wore a long blue sequin dress with intricate diamond stones on the neck. Her makeup was finely sitting on her face and her poise screamed elegance, she moved around the room with grace. The plan was to drink the night away. I snatched a glass of champagne from a passing server.
“Enitan I’m glad you’re here. Dad would be so happy to see you”
“Evening, Gbotemi. I see you’ve been busy” Ignoring his comment, I sauntered over to where mum stood with Gbotemi falling in step with me.
“Gbotemi, have you seen your dad anywhere?”
“I saw him at the ice fountain minutes ago.”
“Okay boys, I’ll leave you to it,” she said walking off. I emptied the remaining champagne in my glass. The liquid ran down my throat creating a bubbling excitement in me.
“So have you heard about the new partners we just signed a deal with?” I chuckled. Gbotemi never ceased to amaze me.
“Gbotemi, you know that’s your thing. Why do I care?” I gave him a pat on his shoulder and walked towards a group of ladies at the far end of the room.


Can you predict what would happen next?😁😁

See you guys on Sunday.🤗



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