I fell in love with the way you touched me without using your hands”
Song – Micasa by Korede Bello

I couldn’t wait for the party to be over. My legs were aching from attending tables. These people didn’t have to work for anything, they had it easy. Many times, I have wished to also experience the luxury of people waiting on me. My uniform pinched me in all the wrong places. The things we do to survive. I thought. I walked towards the changing room to rid myself of my uniform. I began pulling off my pumps when Demilade strolled in. We met at a onetime youth convention; we spoke for far too long and gushed about our previous experiences with smiles animating our faces.

“Demidun, could you please take over table 6 for me. That’s my last table for the night. There’s a party downtown and I can’t miss it for anything.”

Demilade always had excuses up her sleeve. We met at a onetime youth convention; we spoke for far too long and gushed about our previous experiences with smiles animating our faces. Since then, she became a sister I never had. We did almost everything together, she was outspoken and fought for everything she was derived of as a child. She had lost her mum when she was 5 and her dad was incapacitated to be a father figure to her. Maybe, that was just another reason I understood her. I rolled my eyes tapped my chin.

“Okay, I’ll do that.” Her eyes lit up like New Year’s Eve fireworks. She wrapped her hands round me and let out a deafening squeal.

“Wow. Thanks. You’ll be the first to get dibs on how the party went. It’s quite sad you’d prefer to stay alone than hang out with me tonight.”

I dismissed her with the wave of my hand and trudged over to table 6 when I slammed into a three-piece suit, spilling the contents in the tray on him. My feet gave away beneath me and I sprawled flat on my backside, pain shot through my back but I couldn’t take mental note of it. My gaze riveted to the most striking man I’ve ever seen in front of me. He had tousled dark short hair, which glistened under the room light. His finely chiseled face and ebony skin would make a painter weep for joy; his eyes were a mesmerizing deep chocolate with speckles of sunlight glowing through. His suit accentuated his eyes. He twinkled them in amusement and he arched his left brow. My heartbeat raced as cold wet liquids ran down my back. He crouched directly in front of me and I caught a waft of his clean aftershave. I could tell a mixture of cedar wood and cypress. I hungrily inhaled him.
“Are you all right?” His voice was soothing and gravelly calm.
“uhm… ye…yes.” He held out his hand exposing his Boss Rusy cufflinks and Rolex watch. I placed my shaky palm in his and his grip tightened. His touch sent electric shocks through my body, making heat spread all over me. He narrowed his eyes for a moment and got a vertical wrinkle between his brows before pulling me up with him.
“Are you sure?”
“I…I’m fine. I’m sorry I ruined your shirt.” His eyes burned through mine, radiating a fierce understanding.
“It’s fine.. uhm?”
“Ademidun” I licked my lips in an attempt to force more words out but it was futile. I was drawn to him. He stood firmly rooted to the spot with extraordinary elegance.
“Ah…Demidun” I let out an inaudible moan. He was the kind of man that could make a woman go on her knees to fulfill his every desires unprovoked. How could someone be sinfully enchanting? Blinking out of my reverie. I released him. My brain jerked back in motion. I was disgusted with myself for being so uncoordinated while he stood there in all his glory.

“Er…I’m sorry about your shirt again.” Looking away, I caught sight of a purple dyed hair woman approaching us.

“Enitan, I’ve been searching for you all over. I saw your mum at the entrance and she told me you’d probably be inside.” On hearing her supercilious tone, my mouth twisted into a side placement creating a crease in my left cheek. She glanced at me and fixated her gaze on the Adonis male in suit.
His eyes carried a mixture of shock and barely contained anger.
“Kenny what are you doing here?” I took this as my cue to leave. I retrieved the tray and walked towards the sea of people on the dance floor.


Who is this Kenny? Is she going to be a bad luck or what?

What history does she have with Enitan?

I’m super excited for Tuesday guys🤗.



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