Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it” -Nicholas Sparks

Song – Someone you loved by Lewis Capaldi

The small puddles of rain water, waiting to drain, rested between the uneven bricks of the pavement. The streetlights that weren’t burned out projected dim yellow lights onto the empty side walk. The storefronts bell swung in the breeze, alerting the store keeper of the nonexistent customers. Cars sat empty on both side of the road, collecting the little drizzle of the rain. I doubled my steps and walked towards my front door. I crouched in front of the “welcome” door mat and collected the key. I let myself in and the sweet scent of eucalyptus and lavender filled me accompanied with the cool breeze that blew the curtains. The only source of light in the sitting room seeped through the window. Reaching for the table lamp, I stopped to pull off my pumps. Immediately, I welcomed the feeling of the soft rug beneath my feet. The photograph of my mother faced down. I picked it up and turned it to face the condo. I ran my hands over it; this was the only memory I had of her. It was always facing the condo not down— the spicy aroma of egusi hit my senses. In the darkness, what had felt safe and cozy now felt frightening. I tiptoed towards the kitchen door which was now left slightly ajar. I caught a shadow move in the kitchen. A rush of adrenaline burst filled me, not waiting any second more, I picked up the racket close to me and barged into the kitchen and aimed for the intruder’s head.

“Jeez! Demidun, if you are going to kill me. Just say so. Oh my! I can’t believe you almost took my pretty head off.” Demilade placed her hand over her chest and bent to pick the racket.
“What are you doing here?” I asked her.
“I live here too remember?” She pushed past me and turned on the tap. Shooting me a quizzical look, she tipped her head to a side and placed two plates on the table. “Are you going to stand there forever?” I hopped on the kitchen stool and crossed my legs.
“So what happened to your party?” She rummaged the fridge and passed me a bottle of water with a granola bar.”
“Oh that? I decided to hang out with you. You know how things can be. You get?” I nodded my head as I downed the water. The cold liquid ran down my throat, restoring me back to my calm composure.
“Uh…huh. You don’t say.” I struggled to open the zipper of my purse when, She placed her palms over mine. She took the purse from my hands and helped me with the zipper. The corners of her lips turned upwards as she held out the purse to me.

“So when is your next appointment?”
“Tuesday.” She closed in on the space between us and held me tight. I could see through her. Her eyes held a mixture of worry and assurance. “Don’t worry, you’ll get through this, I know you are a fighter and fighters don’t give up.” After a long minute of silence, she backed away and swiped furiously at the tears that threatened to drop. I sat there feeling numb all over and my tongue seemed tied. I had no comforting words to say to her. Breaking the thick air Demilade gushed.
“You know what? Actually the party flopped big time. I was just too embarrassed to tell you. Like? This was my moment to get laid. Who hosts a party without booze?” I crossed my arms over my stomach in an attempt to catch my breath.
“For real?”
“No kidding.” She replied.
There was nothing more she loved than making me smile. It didn’t take too long before we both threw our heads back and erupted with laughter.


I wore a deep grey long-sleeved body con blouse and pencil skirt to the hospital on Tuesday, feeling the need to get it over with and leave. The acrid smell of alcohol and spirit that came with this place made my insides turn. In the reception, a fair lady stood behind the counter with the phone pressed to her right ear, she talked animatedly with the person on the other end, throwing her hands up in the air. What was this place? A phone booth. I held up my right hand in her face and gave her a stern look. Her eyes fell on me and she placed her hand over the phone’s speaker. That conversation must be very interesting. I thought.
“Excuse me miss? What can I do for you?”
“Yes, thank you. I’ve been standing here for over 5 minutes now and my appointment was for 10a.m, and it’s already twenty minutes past ten” I looked down at my watch and stared back at her.
Holding up my card, she replied “We’re really sorry about that. So which of the doctors did you schedule an appointment with?” I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. It was clearly stated on the card. As if she read my thoughts, she quickly added.
“Oh doctor Wale, he is in office 24” She plastered a smile on her face as she returned the card to me.
“Thank you.”

I straightened and walked towards the door sign that held “office 24”. I softly knocked and a deep voice behind the door ushered me to come in. He had on the thickest lens I’ve ever seen and his eyes were so small behind them. He drummed his fingers on his work table before retrieving the red pen he kept in his bushy hair. From the way he kept chewing his mouth I could tell he always had a sweet or gum in his mouth.
“Hello, how are you doing?” he gestured for me to take a seat.
“I’m fine. Thank you” He read through my file, squinting his eyes.
“So Ademidun, have you been taking your meds? Because here it was stated that, you were due for a therapy last month but you didn’t take it.” His gaze made me shift uncomfortably in my chair.
“The therapy was optional besides my meds did most of it” He tapped his pen on his chin.
“Been having any symptoms lately?”
“Not really, they just come and go.”
“Yes.” He scribbled some prescriptions on the paper before him and stretched it to me.
“This should do, for now. But remember, you have to be consistent and try not to skip meals okay?”
“Yeah I know. Alright doctor Wale” I let myself out into the busy hallway of people in scrubs.


Aww. Our girl is sick.

Do you have an idea of what this illness is? If you think you do. You can drop your answer in the comment section below 👇🏾



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