it’s strange how a total stranger becomes who you don’t want to stay a minute without and becomes breathless without them”

Song – Boys are bad by kiss daniel

Brinnnnggg! Riiiing! Riiiing!
It was another day of going to work, staring at the board members hardened faces, riding the lift in silence, eating the same bland luch with Tolu running round the office in an attempt to get the office miscellaneous and my schedule fixed. But today was a bit different, the construction company we were to strike a deal with picked St. Louis hospital for their meeting of places why a hospital? I thought. I turned off the alarm on my bedside shelf and snuggled closer to my pillow. The meeting was scheduled for 10 am after all, tossing to the other side of the bed my eyes fell on the wall clock which displayed 9:30 am. Impossible! I dashed into the shower and in 15 minutes I was riding the elevator to my underground garage. The doorman tipped his hat on seeing me. I pushed through the revolving door of the building into the garage, five minutes to ten and I had to make a good impression on them. My dark hair was ruffled from the warm shower. I’d gone with a brown suede suit and a black brogue. The woody scent of my cologne surrounded me. Dele held the car door open for me. I slid into back seat with grace. He put the car on drive and in less than a minute we were on the highway.

“How was your night sir?”
“Fine thanks.” On hearing my clipped tone, he didn’t ask any further. I adjusted my tie and rested my head against the window pane. People brushed shoulders on the sidewalks. Store owners placed “no hawking” , “no standing” signs in front of their stores and the hawkers who stood by the road screamed at the top of their lungs to attract customers, each tried to drown out their neighbors voice. We arrived at the St. Louis hospital at exactly ten fifteen. I breezed through the hospital hall, making way for their lounge when I saw her again. She sat on the waiting chair in the pharmacy. Her hair was packed into a tight bun, she bent forward and a tendril escaped from her bun, with those long slender arms she brushed it aside. The way she sat accentuated the bend of her hips, so voluptuous; they seemed to have been artfully carved by a potter. The green body con top she wore only made the fullness of her bosom prominent. The nurse at the pharmacy signaled her to collect her medications. She walked towards the front counter putting her glistening legs on display. They were almost the color of a deep rich cocoa infused with cream and milk. The nurse handed her a receipt and the golden specks which danced in her eyes immediately disappeared. She picked up the pen on the counter and began ruling out some things on the receipt. If it was prescribed for her then she definitely needed it. Without thinking, my legs carried me to where she stood.
“I’ll pay for it.” the nurse who already called out another patient tilted her head.
“Sir?” I gestured towards Ademidun and replied “I said I’ll foot her bills, give her everything on the receipt.” She bopped her head and walked towards the back room. I locked my gaze with Ademidun and her golden eyes kept me rooted to the spot. Up close, she had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. Breaking eye contact she shifted her weight from side to side.
“You didn’t have to” she said looking back at her feet.
“I know but I wanted to.”
“T-thank you.” She bit her lips and her eyes sparkled. I noticed she held onto her purse tightly, shaking a little. My phone buzzed, reminding me of why I came to the hospital. I swiftly made way for the lounge. Mounting down the steps to the lounge, I sighted Bolu at the entrance. He made a silly sign to me and mouthed “you are late.” I breezed past him and walked in.
“I am very sorry to have kept everyone waiting. I had an emergency to attend to, pardon me.” They waved it off with the nod of their heads and I strolled to the seat at the head of the table.
“Hello, I am the head representative of the icon construction company.” He rose and stretched his hands; I shook it and commenced the meeting.

“Okay so we would be looking forward to your company’s proposal”
“Yes, it would be ready next week. We can’t wait to partner with William buildings”
“It would be our pleasure, I guess that would be all for today.” I rose from my seat and exited the lounge when Bolu accosted me.
“So what made you late? The latest you’ve ever been is ten minutes past the scheduled time not thirty minutes.” I handed him the file and shoved my hands into my pocket.
“Remind me again. What do assistants do?” I stopped in my step and turn to him.
“They assist”
“Exactly! But you seem to be doing quite the opposite. Besides, you look underdressed for a meeting. Lest I forget people wear Ankara on Fridays not Tuesdays” I dragged on lazily. He scratched his head and exposed the gap in his teeth.

“Enitan I have owambe to attend this evening and I just decided to wear this now… ahn…ahn.” He threw his hands in the air trying to prove his point.
“Oh I see” I gave him a once over look and we walked towards my car.
“Yes, before it slips my mind. I want you to give me every bit of information you can find on Ademidun, where she works, where she lives, her parents, her background and even what she eats.” He stared without blinking and his mouth slowly dropped open.
“You are joking right?”
“I wish I was” he shifted his weight on the car boot and crossed his arms.
“Do you know how many Ademidun’s are in Wuse talk less the whole of Abuja. How do you expect me to go about this? If this because I wore Ankara on a Tuesday, this would be my last.” He clasped his hands together and blinked furiously.
“Come on don’t be silly. She was one of the waiters at dad’s anniversary. Go through the list and make yourself useful.” I got into my car and looked up at him from the window.
“I hope I was clear enough.” He plastered a smile on his face and waved the file in my face. I heard him mummur “assistants don’t do this too” before the car moved.


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  1. Awwwwn.

    It’s so cute.

    I do hope Ademidun’s okay.

    I so love Eni’s retort to his assistant. Assistants assist. Mad o.

    Looking forward to more updates.

    It was so worth leaving Nairaland for this.


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