Forever is a long time but I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side”

Song- Nakupenda by Chike ft Ric Hassani


It was mid-August and all the shops seemed to be in full swing and none needed any more employees. I strutted down the busy pavement looking out for shops that might have put up “WORKERS NEEDED” posters but there were none. Why was it so hard to get a job? I had begun to lose all hopes when I raised my head and saw a “waitress/waiter needed” sign. The sign was inconspicuously placed at the entrance. It was a local bakery shop and the building reminded me of an abandoned bookshop. I pushed through the transparent glass door and the bell jingled alerting everyone who bothered that someone entered. I approached the tall man at the front desk who was engrossed with the desktop screen at his front. His name tag read Bayo. On feeling my presence, he raised his head and flashed his teeth.

“Hello! Welcome to Yummies bakeshop. Where we satisfy your every…desires…uhm cravings. Yes, cravings.” He ran his hands over his head shifting his gaze to the flyers on the desk then back to me. “So what is your order ma’am?” He added. I placed my palm over my mouth, trying to stifle the laughter that bubbled up in me. It was obvious he had memorized that line and just recited it when anyone came into the shop. I caught the name on the name tag pinned to the lapel of his shirt. Bayo.

“Oh no, I’m here to apply as a waitress for the bakeshop. I saw the sign outside and I decided to apply.” Bayo clasped his palms together and looked over my shoulders to the sign outside.

“Well about that, Actually, I forgot to bring that sign down. The thing is we’ve gotten a certain number of people we need and we do not want an overcrowded working space for our employees and customers.” My stomach twisted and I leaned forward over the front desk and I gave him a forced smile. The pays I got from my weekend jobs were really small and the bills kept piling. My hands began to tremble and I immediately shook them in my pocket.

“Are you okay?” He shot a worried glance towards me before he resumed what he was doing earlier but I noticed his eyes kept darting between the desktop and me. I gave him an affirmative nod then his voice boomed again, this time lighter. “Today must be your lucky day, looks like we have a slot left” He beamed and pulled out a paper from under the desk. I felt a surge of happiness course through me. I couldn’t think of a time I’ve been happier. He noticed my change of mood and chuckled.

“Here fill this.” I took the form from his grip and lowered myself into the closest chair by the front desk. I looked up taking in the sight of the bakeshop. The bakeshop was just a small house of everything sweet, chairs, tables, coffee makers, glazed donuts, and cakes in the display glass at the front counter. The place was near empty…for a time like this. At the corner of the room, a menu list was plastered on the wall. There must have been a fortune cookie stand at the front door which was now left standing alone. The scents of baking biscuits and cakes filled the place. I pushed to my feet and placed the form on the desk. Bayo ran his eyes over it and walked towards the back gesturing me to follow him. We walked towards a room in the back which was the storeroom.

“As you must have noticed the place is quite empty for now. Most people come here during the evenings so if you feel up to it, you can start today and return in the evening if that’s fine with you?” He left the question hanging waiting for a reply.

“Of course it is” He moved towards a locker in the room and dropped a key in my palm.

“Your apron and everything you would need is here. If you have any questions feel free to meet me at the front desk.”

“Sure, I’ll”

“Hmmm…don’t tell me! I know” Demilade placed her finger over my lips. “Today was good right? I mean it wasn’t a dead-end right?” I smiled and screamed.

“Yes! I got a job.” She bounced around the room and did her normal weird moves. Before pulling me into her embrace. I could see her spirits flying high.

“I’m so glad. We should celebrate this. Friday night, club night, drinks on me. Yes!” I narrowed my eyes at her words.

“Can’t we do something else instead?” I pouted.

“You need to let loose. Don’t be such a bore.” She stuck out her tongue and picked up the TV remote. “We should binge on some Netflix movies for now, before you start working officially, like officially.” She bumped shoulders with me and turned her attention to the TV.

“Demidun, have you heard from the mystery man who covered your medication bills? I still insist you shouldn’t have let him go without a name.”

“No, I’ve not plus I think I doubt we’d bump into each other anytime soon” Demilade almost tipped over the couch. Then she faced me with a faint scowl tingeing at her lips.

“It’s not every day you find someone like that you know, the least you could have done was give him a proper thank you.”

“How would I have done that when I don’t know who he is or where he even works?” she nodded as my words floated in the room. I lifted my brow and returned my gaze to the TV. Demilade never forgot things easily. For a moment, I wished I had not mentioned anything about it. Demilade lived every day like it was her last. Not to mention, she had a long list of men she had been with but couldn’t seem the settle down with anyone. But I had to give it to her, she memorized the name of all of them. I couldn’t even remember the name I gave my favorite silverware dishes.

“True, but you said you met him at the Williams party. If this isn’t fate.” She said dreamily. “Fate is just a word” I replied.

Shaking her finger in my face she said slowly.

“I have a feeling this time, it’s more than a word.” I rolled my eyes.



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