I’ll drive.”

“What?” He asked, raising his brows.

“I said I’ll drive. You had a lot to drink. I can drive”

“Fine” He smirked and tossed the key at me and I fumbled to catch it.

“What was that for?” I sent Enitan a death glare and he shrugged. Prude.

The highway was jammed and cars were moving at a snail’s pace. An accident had occurred, a truck fell over a car obstructing a side of the road. The blaring of car horns and the deafening silence in the car only made sitting in the traffic worse. I rubbed my forehead and drummed on the steering wheel.

“Did he hurt you?” Enitan asked and searched my face for discomfort.

“He didn’t. This is going to take forever.” The highway has been ground to a halt now. Cars weren’t moving anymore.

“I know right. You could save us the stress and stay over at my place instead, it’s closer. The traffic would have cleared by tomorrow morning.” I had to admit he was right. It would take more than two hours to get to my place. I’ve never warmed up to the idea of sleeping out but at the moment he was my only option. Yes, I knew Enitan. But I hardly knew him. I witnessed a part of him I’d never seen tonight. His eyes carried that empty sadness like drinking was going to make it go.

“I really don’t—“

“If you don’t want to it’s fine.”

“It’s not…” Enitan rolled his eyes and faced me.

“Not what”

“Nothing. I don’t think I have a choice.”I sighed. Enitan adjusted his chair, stretched his legs and draped his arm over his eyes.

“Follow my address on the GPS pretty. We’re almost there.” My hands were trembling and I gripped the wheel harder. I should have stayed home.

We stopped at the entrance of a high steeled gate. Enitan spoke into the intercom and the gates opened. The car moved in a rickety way over the interlocked path. There were about ten buildings with similar structures in the compound. All the houses were painted alike, their lawns decorated the same way. Their only distinctive appearance was the house numbers.

“Uhm…so which is yours.”

“8B” He replied. Enitan’s building was hidden behind a palm tree. It had beautiful sculptures etched into the wall on both sides of the door and the high palm trees swayed in the night. Every corner of the house was wired with security cameras and motion sensors. If I didn’t know he lived here, I would have mistaken the building for a drug cartel. He got out of the car and I unbuckled my seat belt and followed him. At the top of the stairs, I paused to catch my breath. Enitan pushed the door open, gesturing me in. His place smelt exactly like him. The floor was finely polished and the banister curved upward to the second floor. chandeliers hung from the ceiling, giving the room a soft shade of yellow. On the opposite side of the room was a bookshelf with photo frames that have been turned down. From behind the curtains something jumped out and I lurched back. It was a spaniel. Enitan crouched to pat the dog who was wagging its tail. He never struck me as a dog lover.

“Meet coco, she’s a mixed bred.” Coco sat at my feet looking up and I bent to pat it. Then she licked my face. I laughed. “She likes you.”

“Obviously” I giggled and scratched her ear. Enitan  loosened his tie and poured himself a bottle of  wine.

“Haven’t you had enough?” I pointed to the bottle.

“You’re not here to babysit me.” He spat. What was I doing? I was in no place to tell him what he should and not do.

“Yeah, sorry about that.” His Adam apple bopped up and down and he took another swig of his wine, a droplet escaped to the side of his mouth and he darted his tongue out, licking it off. I imagined sucking on his lower lip and tasting him. It had to be the uncomfortable position I was in. My hand shook and coco must have noticed it because her wagging stopped and her ears perked. I stood and squeezed my eyes shut, tightening my fist. My left leg shook subtly and I flexed it. Stay calm. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

I opened my eyes and Enitan was holding a glass of water. Water was the last thing I needed.

“Here, have this”. I took the cup from him and my fingers grazed the back of his palm. His touch brought a warm feeling over me. With a hazy head, I could tell he was equally fascinating and a sight to behold. I sat on the barstool.

“I’m fine.” I shifted and liquid in the glass spilled over the bar top.

“Let me show you your room.”

He wrapped my hands in his, and I could swear the tremor stopped. His fingers drew nonexistent circles on the back of my palm.

“Ademidun.” He breathed softly.   My name rolled off his tongue nicely.

“I should clean that up.” I said, looking back.

“Don’t worry. It would be gone by tomorrow morning.” I couldn’t help ogling at the pictures and miniatures as we walked the hallway peeked into a door that was left ajar, it was too dark to see anything but there was an ornate mirror that caught the reflection of the moon. Enitan pushed open the last door on the left-wing and, flipped the switch on. The bed was three times mine if not four. I stood by the door as he rummaged through his wardrobe. Suits were lined in a section, followed by his shirts which occupied a larger section of the cupboard. He pulled the top drawer which held similar cufflinks as the one he placed in. T-shirts and joggers were pushed into a smaller section of the cupboard and he pulled a T-shirt out and placed it on the bed. Then he folded his tie neatly into the next drawer. The last drawer space was left empty. If Enitan wore a shirt per day. There was every possibility he wouldn’t repeat a particular shirt twice.

“You should wear this, if there’s anything you need. I’m right opposite you.” He winked.


“Alright.” He held the door and he held my gaze for a moment before leaving. I tried to reach Demilade one more time and nothing. I was starting to get worried. I hoped Demilade would give a plausible explanation for what happened tonight. I sighed and switched off the bed lamp.



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