The ray of sun brightened my room and I turned my face away from the window. The chickens in the next house cackled loudly. Mr. Amusa left them to his flatmates who was too busy to feed the chickens. The smell of burnt eggs accompanied with brewed coffee hit me.. Blinking my eyes open, I sat up. I could hear movements and the banging of pots from the kitchen. Demilade was always burning something if she wasn’t then she is breaking a ceramic cup or plate. I padded down the hallway into the kitchen.

“Hey there.” Demilade sang and waved the spatula she held in the air. I flashed her a smile and hopped on the table stool. And she placed a cup of coffee on the table. I grabbed a carton of milk from the fridge and poured it into the coffee.

“Why didn’t you tell me it was him?” She asked wide-eyed, leaning into the table. I picked my cup, hugging it with both palms. I blew over it and took in the heat from the coffee.

“Who?” I replied.

“Enitan Williams— who else brought you home that night?” I expected Demilade to have brought it up earlier but she didn’t.

“Ohhh, I wanted to tell you about it. But you’ve been breezing in and out of the house for a while now.” I lied. She rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her hips.

“Well, I’m here now, so you might as well tell me now”

“I’ve only seen him on TVs— I didn’t even recognize him at first.”

“You didn’t what? Even the blind would know it’s him” I scrunched my face and placed the burnt eggs sauce in a soup bowl.

“You know you don’t have to exaggerate.”

“Oh my! He’s hotter in person.” Demilade slapped her forehead and fanned herself with the spatula. “Too bad the media never did justice to his looks, because someone like that shouldn’t be accessible to the public eye.” She emptied the dishes in the sink. I pushed the egg into the soup bowl.

“You know what? I heard his family is messed up and I think it took a toll on every one of them.” Demilade continued. I frowned and, lowered my fork.

“Why would you say that?”

“It’s what the media said not me. You can’t blame me for believing.” She threw her hands out, affirming it. Deep down I knew it was true but I couldn’t bring myself to talk about other people’s problems when I had mine.

“Demilade we can’t be too sure. The media never covers everything, and we all know they would do anything to make the headline news.”

“Hmm…alright then.” She shrugged. “I made yam with egg sauce. You care for some?”

I shot Demilade a stern look. And she smiled.

“It’s can’t be that bad.”

“I wish I could say the same”  

“I knew I should have just gone with bread.” She tapped her chin and took the stool opposite me.

“It’s Friday night. Why don’t we hang out at this new club on the other side of town?” she clasped her palm and pouted her lips.

“What’s with you and parties? I don’t find mixing with sweaty bodies fun.”

“Just tonight— please. And you don’t have to mix with sweaty bodies—if you don’t want to.” She blinked her eyes furiously and raised her pinky.

“Fine.” I snapped.

“We leave by 12.”

“Yes!. Now what do I wear?” She mused.


“I should get us another shot of these, they are so good,” Demilade shouted over the loud music and went to the bar.

“Alright.” I enjoyed another sip of my vodka. Vodka wasn’t my best drink but it made me active tonight. I crossed my legs and leaned into the sofa, tapping away on my phone. The sofa sank beside me and a familiar cedar scent engulfed me. Enitan. He dragged his eyes lazily over me and smiled with him was a plump lady with a far too bright red lipstick who clung to his arm tightly. She puffed smoke from her vape and waved at me.

“Demidun, what a coincidence.” He slurred. Enitan’s eyes were red and he reeked of beer. He was still in his work clothes but most of his suit has been sheared away and his tie loosened. “I didn’t think you would fancy places like this.”

“What are you doing here?”

“What are you doing here?” He retorted. The red lipstick lady passed him the vape and he drew slowly from it and blew the smoke in my face. I coughed and grimaced. Enitan whispered to her and she giggled before leaving.

“You’re drunk.” I hissed.

“I know that pretty but I’m not alone. You shouldn’t be here by yourself.”

“I’m not.”

Enitan titled his head and took another draw from the vape.

“Would you stop it?”

“Stop what?” He puffed and the smoke clouded the air again. I leant forward and grabbed the vape from him.

“This!” I said holding the vape up. Enitan’s lips twitched and he draped his arm behind me. I slapped the vape on the table and scanned the room trying to find Demilade. It was taking her too long to return and drunk Enitan wasn’t helping. The red lipstick lady returned with a bottle of whiskey and sat between Enitan’s laps. She said something to him and they both snickered.

“You should try it. You’ll feel better.” The lady said stretching the vape.

“No, thanks.”I replied. Enitan smirked and she leaned into him.

“Excuse me.” I pushed to my feet and went to the restroom. The restroom area wasn’t crowded as the main area and thankfully, the air wasn’t so stuffy. I wiped my mascara away and turned the faucet to wash my hands. A wave of nausea hit me and my head began to feel light. Where could Demilade be? It was past midnight already. I supported my steps resting on the wall to the main area. Someone coughed behind me and I turned. It was a strange man. His smile was sinister.

“Going somewhere pretty? Don’t you want to play?” It was obvious he wasn’t trying to flirt. I ignored him and kept on walking.

“Not so fast. Don’t leave me without a reply.” He clicked his tongue and in a flash, he was in my face. I backed up against the wall, squeezing my palm.

“What’s do you want?” I snapped.

“You know what I want.”

“I don’t know.” I feigned ignorance trying to think of a better reply. He closed in on the distance between us and caged me with his palms on the wall.

He leered and his awful breath fanned my face.

“Get away from me.” I screamed. He pressed me into the wall and the back of my eyes stung.

“I will make this memorable for us. It’ll be over before you notice.” He coaxed.

“Move!” I pounded my fists against his chest with all my might. One minute he was grinding against me, the next he was crashing into the wall with a scream. Enitan stood between us rigid, blocking my view of the biker guy.

“You should respect women. She said stop.” He bit out. Rage pounded through him like a drumbeat. I sidestepped him catching a glance of the man who was now writhing in pain on the floor. He cussed at me as he spat blood from his mouth. Enitan took a step forward daring him to fight back. But the man scrambled to his feet and ran. I crouched on the step in the car park and tried calling Demilade again but it wasn’t going through. Enitan had been pacing to and fro with a blank face since we got here.

“Sorry I interrupted your date. You’re going to bore holes on the floor if you keep it up.”

“Where’s she?”

“I don’t know.” I admitted. His eyes widened and he swiped his hand over his face.

“Really? How can your roommate, friend whatever she is leave you by yourself? For goodness sake, you came together.” He barked. Enitan was livid and fuming.

“I’m sure there’s a reason,” I said defending Demilade. Even though I couldn’t think of any reason why she would leave without letting me know but I didn’t want Enitan to think I was a doormat.

“Thanks again. I’m better.”

“You should see yourself right now. Shaken up and pale.” His vein popped in his neck and he stared hard at me. “I’ll take you home.”

“What? No…I mean, I can get home…I know my way home.”

“I wasn’t asking. I’ll take you home.”



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