What is the difference between Wattpad and Anybooks?

What is the difference between Wattpad and Anybooks? Well, readers and book lovers have a particular reading app or site they always visit when they need to read books. Now, everyone has their preference, some prefer to download e-books while others just prefer to read online or on a website. Now the question pops up, what’s the difference between Wattpad and Anybooks? And What differs Wattpad from Anybooks. Either one they chose, the point is that these readers have satisfied their utmost need to read a book.

Knowing the difference between Wattpad and Anybooks is very important. No doubt, these two applications work differently, but then they are not unrelated. Many readers and writers alike started from Wattpad before moving to Anybooks or any other reading app out there.

What is Wattpad?

So what is Wattpad? It is a website where writers publish new user-generated stories for free. This website has over 80 million users. Wattpad offers a diversity of genre which are available to all readers. The website also allows for easy interactions between the writers and readers. As we proceed, you’ll understand that the difference between Wattpad and Anybooks isn’t far fetched.

Difference between Wattpad and Anybooks

I started my reading journey on Wattpad. I mean, it got to a time I was obsessed with Wattpad. Yes, it was that crazy. Wattpad ranked so many books on Google, and its user interface was so simple that any reader could find their way around the website. This was one difference between Wattpad and Anybooks that I loved.

Wattpad books were so thrilling that some of the books evolved into movies, books like After and Kissing booth were Wattpad stories. But the sad thing about Wattpad was that it lacked copyright no matter how the author put “NO INDIVIDUAL SHALL STEAL ANY PART OF THIS BOOK...” The book still got stolen. Hopefully, this little explanation answers your question “what is Wattpad?”

Advantages and disadvantages of Wattpad

From the benefits and disadvantages, you’ll be able to tell  the difference between Wattpad and Anybooks.

Advantages of Wattpad

  • Free
  • User friendly
  • Keeps the reader busy
  • Interaction with readers and authors
  • It improves one’s vocabulary and creativity
  • A platform where amateur writers grow
  • Inspires readers to try writing

Disadvantages of Wattpad

  • There’s always a comparison to other authors’ work.
  • Most authors are amateur writers
  • Intellectual theft
  • Most times, the authors just stop updating their books, or some authors update their book once in a month, which is a big turn off for readers.
  • Pressure from the readers. If you go through the Wattpad comment box, you’ll find readers who keep asking for updates for the next chapter. This pressure from the readers leads to a tacky update from the author.
  • Again, not everyone can like a book. Negative comments from some readers can hurt the feeling of the author.
  • Most authors write for their audience.
  • Bad grammar and punctuation.
Difference between Wattpad and Anybooks
Wattpad library

Then I heard about Anybooks and I thought, what’s the difference between Wattpad and Anybooks. I mean many people read Wattpad because it was free. But recently, Wattpad has added a paid feature on their site. So now, not all books on Wattpad are free. Although this is an excellent way to help Wattpad authors make money, most people would prefer to buy an ebook than pay to read a particular book on a website. What if I lose my Wattpad account? The book is gone.

What is Anybooks

Anybooks is a top-rated ebook app that offers a vast library for book lovers. Here readers can find hundreds of books to read. It comes with a comprehensive selection of books which offers its readers access to a wide variety of book genre. Anybooks puts millions of novels at the fingertips of the reader. While we’re discussing the difference between Wattpad and Anybooks, you can also check the difference between paperbacks, ebooks and hardcovers.

Before, Anybooks was free, but now you have to pay to get access to books. Now, at this point there’s hardly any difference between Wattpad and Anybooks. Since both have paid features. You can imagine how annoying it is to wake and find out that you need to pay to get access to your library books.

Difference between Wattpad and Anybooks

Advantages of Anybooks

  • It offers a wide variety of books
  • Provides unlimited categories of books
  • It has a relatively small file size of about 20mb
  • Copyright
  • Another difference between Wattpad and Anybooks is the books can be read offline
  • It’s like a personal library

Disadvantages of Anybooks

  • It was removed from Google play store for a while, and this made the users doubt its authenticity.
  • Expensive
Difference between Wattpad and Anybooks
Anybooks library

What is the difference between Wattpad and Anybooks? Honestly, both serve different purposes, but the good thing about them is that they provided an avenue for authors to earn money from their books.

So tell me, which do you prefer and is there any difference between Wattpad and Anybooks that wasn’t mentioned? And if there’s another reading app you love. Please don’t hesitate to let me know or reach out to me here.


  1. I started my reading from anybooks and it’s still my best reading app since ever,when they updated the payment stuff I tried other apps, even Wattpad it just doesn’t feel right, inkitt is also great but the oga patapata of them still remains anybooks minus the expenses.

  2. I started with Wattpad, I was addicted, like literally addicted to Wattpad but then it started getting boring. Sebastian pov, Clare pov, similar stories, bad boy stories etc then I found anybooks. We’ve been in love ever since until payment came in but that’s not a problem for me as I still use the old version of anybooks without the payment plan ish😉

  3. I don’t know of Any book but wattpad is really good.
    Plus, I love Anna Todd and her After series. She is really a great writer.

    I also love Light reader. You can download any book you can think of and read offline.


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